Staying safe online

At St Alban's we are commited to keeping our pupils safe online. We recognise both the benefits and possible risks of using technologies and therefore aim to guard against these risks by educating both staff and pupils at  our school.

We have regular eSafety assemblies and event days and our eCadets support the teaching of online safety in our classes.


e-Cadet School 

We are an e-cadet school. Our pupils are at the heart of our mission to keep all pupils safe on online. We have an e-cadet crew who meet regularly and work hard to teach the other pupils how to stay safe online and organise event days to raise awareness. 

360 Safe 

We use '360 Safe' an online self-audit tool to help us regularly review our online safety policy and procedure and ensure best practice is adopted to keep our pupils safe.



Useful Online Safety Information For Parents 

Think you know 

Advice on how to keep your child safe online


Information on how to keep your child safe online.  


A guide to the social networks your child may use 

 Social Media Advice Video