Senedd Ysgol


At St. Alban’s Catholic Primary School we promote pupil voice by involving all pupils from Year 3 to 6 in our Senedd Ysgol.  The Senedd is made up of many committees, each focussing on an area of our school improvement. This means that through the committees, pupils have the opportunity to express their right to a good quality education at St Alban’s, and strive to make our school the best place to be for learning, playing and praying together.  


Each committee has elected a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary who ensure that every pupils’ voice is heard. A member of staff facilitates the committee which meets weekly to discuss developments in their action plan. During the year the committees report to the headteacher and school governors. 


Action plans are updated on termly basis.


#Article 12 (You have the right to give your opinion)

Rights Respecting Team 

Chair: Ethan 

Vice Chair: Shelise 

Secretary: Lilly-Mae 


2018/2019 Aim: To raise the school’s community awareness of children’s rights and putting them into practice every day.



2018/2019 Targets:

·       Become a Right’s Respecting School

·       Achieve Rights Respecting School’s Bronze Award

·       Organise events to raise school’s community of children’s rights.


#Article 2 - (All children have rights) and Article 42 (The right to know your rights)

Working for Others  


Chair: Victoria 

Vice Chair: Mollie  

Secretary: Filip  


2018/2019 Aim: To raise money for charities and to improve the quality of people’s lives, locally and globally


2018/2019 Targets:  

·       To research dates for annual charity events

·       To support the local community

·       To hold an assembly for the school to raise awareness about why fundraising is important

·       Learn about effective posters


#Article 29 - A Right to learn to live peacefully and respect other people

Digital Developers 

Chair: Adrian 

Vice-Chair: Dylan 

Secretary: Oskar 


2018/2019 Aim: To promote online safety throughout St Alban’s School.


2018/2019 Targets:

·       To complete termly challenges set by eCadets HQ.

·       To support peers with online safety issues/concerns.


#Article 28 (Right to an Education) and Article 19 (Right to be Safe)



Criw Cymraeg


Chair: Ukalina 

Vice Chair: Neveah  

Secretary: Evie-Rose

Vice Secretary: Matia 

2018/2019 Aim: To improve the level of Welsh used around the school.

2018/2019 Targets:

·       To raise standards of oracy to ‘good’.

·       Achieve Campus Cymraeg Bronze Award

·       Organise events to raise the profile of Welsh. 

# Right to a name and nationality

The Mini Disciples Team

Chair: Scarlett 

Vice Chair: Nikita 

Secretary: Meiline 


2018/2019 Aim: To become advocates within our school and local community by putting their values into action.

Luke 3:11 He answered, “If you have two shirts, share with someone who does not have one. If you have food, share that too.”


2018/2019 Targets:

  • To raise the awareness of the disease Leprosy and support the charity by collect stamps
  • To research and select a particular cancer charity the group want to support
  • To continue to support Boomerang by raising its profile and the wonderful work they do; to collect items for the homeless and needy for Boomerang to distribute


#Article 14 - Right to follow your own religion


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