St. Alban 

St Alban, the first Christian Martyr (Protomartyr) in England from the 4th Century and patron saint of converts and torture victims. Although a Roman soldier and a pagan, Alban sheltered a priest; Amphibalus, in his house. The priest made such a profound impression on him that he became a Christian himself.

Soldiers raided Alban’s house and to help the priest escape, Alban and the priest swapped clothes. Alban was captured and ordered to renounce his faith. He proclaimed himself a Christian and refused to reject his faith.

The priest turned himself in when he heard of Alban’s arrest and imprisonment in the hope that Alban’s life would be saved. No mercy was shown and Alban and the Priest were tortured and beheaded.

On the site of the execution now stands the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban’s.

The feast day of St Alban is June 22nd.

Saint Alban's


Saint Alban, our friend, our patron and brother,
watch over us now from your heavenly home.
Help us keep safe the faith that you died for.
Help us to love it as you bravely did.see that
we love our friends and our neighbours.
Make us true brothers and sisters in Christ.
we ask that one day we will be with you.One with
God's army in heaven above.
Until that time keep us from all dangerand
help us to grow stronger in God's love evermore.



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