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Attendance Matters!


Attendance Matters

We believe attendance at school is key to a successful and fulfilling school experience. Regular attendance at school promotes pupils’ well-being, maximises progress in learning and helps pupils reach their potential both now and in their future lives.


Attendance Target

Attendance and punctuality are a priority of the school and the Local Authority.  As a school our attendance target is for all pupils to have at least 95% attendance. Last year the school reached 94% by the end of February 2020. Unfortunately with the onset of COVID19, we were unable to continue improving our attendance, but still make every effort to encourage parents to send their children in to school every day. If you need any support getting your child to school, please contact the school office and we will be glad to help. 

You can help us achieve our target by ensuring your children are in school, on time, every day. Pupils attendance and punctuality is monitored carefully by the school and  the school's  Cluster Attendance Officer. If your child's attendance reaches below 90% we will send you a letter to inform you and hope to work with you to help improve their attendance. 

At St. Alban's we celebrate high level attendance across the school, classes and for individuals. We are working hard to improve attendance across the school and we thank you for your co-operation and help. 


Everyday counts but every minute is equally important. ​Did you know? Being 15 minutes late each day over the school year is the same as missing 2 weeks of school. 

It is very important your child arrives on time for school. School starts at 8.55am. Anyone arriving after 9am will be considered late and must come through the main entrance. If your child arrives after 9.25am the register will be closed and this will be counted as an unauthorised absence. 

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