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All children have the right to a nationality (UNCRC, Article 7)    #ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the World

We have achieved the Bronze Award for the Siarter Iaith

Cymraeg Campus

At St. Alban's Catholic Primary School we are working hard on raising the profile of and developing our Welsh skills. Our Criw Cymraeg are making sure that children and teachers are speaking as much Welsh as possible at all times.


Cymraeg Campus Language Charter 

The aim of the Language Charter is to inspire our children to use their Welsh in all aspects of their lives. 

Seren a Sbarc

Seren and Sbarc are two heroes who encourage our pupils to use their Welsh language in the playground, at home and in the classroom.

Welsh at home:  

  • Please visit the Welsh section - Cornel Cymraeg of our newsletter to find our the Welsh phrase of the week. 

  • Your child will also have the opportunity to bring their class Welsh mascot home where you are encouraged to write about their stay at your home using the Welsh sentence starters provided. 


Welsh Apps you can use at home:


Welsh 2nd Language Website Links