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Food Bank Vouchers and Big Bocs Bwyd

St Alban's distributes Cardiff Foodbank Vouchers - please contact the school office for more information

Big Bocs Bwyd and St Alban's Donation Station

On New Years Eve 2022, we received delivery of our converted shipping containers ready to create our Big Bocs Bwyd. 

Once the containers, fridges, freezers and shelving were in place we were able to open our Big Bocs Bwyd for families to use regularly.

The Big Bocs Bwyd at St Alban's opens every Thursday afternoon during term times from 2.30pm and during selected holiday times. Each Thursday morning we receive donated food, and organise our store ready for the opening during the afternoon. We also have and edible playground garden which is used by pupils and staff to grow vegetables and herbs to be used by parents who visit our Big Bocs Bwyd.

The BBB project goals and actions:

  • Help improve the wellbeing of the families who use the BBB
  • Contribute to the reduction of food poverty/food insecurity
  • Help improve nutritional intake
  • Increase parental involvement and engagement in ways that suit them
  • Measurably reduce food waste
  • Children will become more confident and literate about the connections between food, nature and the economy
  • Children and families will develop a solid level of food literacy and confidence around how to process, cook, and use food as a foundation for health through experiential learning.
  • Children will have an improved awareness of the benefits and potential of relocalising food production and distribution
  • Children will build enterprise skills though real-world learning, providing an authentic context to enable Curriculum for Wales, Rights Respecting Schools aims, Future Generation and Wellbeing Goals, Health Schools, United Nations SDGs and Eco Schools.