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Edible Playground - Trees for Cities

In December 2022 Trees for Cities began construction of our Edible Playground. By the start of the new term in January 2023, we were ready for our training and couldn't wait to get growing!

Edible Playgrounds offer a lively, engaging, multi-sensory way to teach children about growing and eating healthy food. Aside from the physical health benefits that eating well brings, learning in an outdoor environment combats Nature Deficit Disorder and has been shown to increase mental health by boosting mood, confidence and self-esteem. Furthermore, allowing the children to connect with nature develops attentiveness and self-reliance in the pupils, leading to more sustainable behaviours in the long term.

The children love to spend time planting, maintaining and harvesting their crops which then go in to our Big Bocs Bwyd for parents and friends to use.